Monday, September 16, 2013

I didn't buy any jewelry at the party.

I did do a small abstract in watercolors , and played around on several other pieces.   Its always fun making a mess.  I think I ruined a shirt.  I paint by a sink so, while that makes clean up easy,its still pretty gruesome looking. There are paint splatters on every surface, including the mirror.   DH usually averts his eyes from the entire room if he has to talk to me.  I have to say theres nothing more arty than throwing stuff around.   Cleaning it up , not so fun. 

Im going to post a page or something that includes the fallish watercolor,within a couple days.


  1. We all definitely need "play clothes" for our crafty endeavours-one of the girls on FB was trying to figure out how to get gesso out of her new jeans, and the general consensus was, unfortunately-you don't! Might as well add some more colours to them...sigh! Just spotted your blog when I was over at sb so thought I'd stop by! :) The closeup pics were great; this post about the messiness caught my eye though-my hubby just shakes his head...

  2. Hi Lynne, Im glad you liked the close ups. I think I'll take some more, those aren't as close as I want them to be. I don't know what it is about making a mess. Maybe its because it kind of goes against the rules. Someone from here said I sounded like a mad scientist, when I was talking about mixing embossing powder and other stuff to see how it looked. I thought that sounded neat. Its cool to come up with something different, even if it is weird, or homely. As frustrating as it is to keep trying to try and figure out how to do something, I come across new things , by accident.,which keeps things interesting.