Saturday, November 9, 2013

Skinny Halloween Charleston

   I wanted to pose bony gal in a Charleston dance pose, but I don't know if it worked. I asked a friend what she thought and she said "Thriller" as in the Michael Jackson video.
I had watched some youtube Charleston dances from the 1920s to get an idea how to pose her.  That dance is soo cute,and what a crazy time in history.

The skeleton , crow, and owl are from the dollar store. The feathers are from a boa from an old Halloween costume.  The black wire tree is very old, its base is a wad of clay in  an empty glass candle container.   Theres a clear transparency behind the crow with bats and branches on it.  Some of the brads are My Minds Eye.The stickers are Jolees.

the skeletons painted with Sharpies, Purple dylusions, purple metallic paint,lumiers, and mica powder. There are Swarovski flat backed crystals for the eyes, on her cheekbone and down the sternum. Theres a square lavender bling piece on the green tulle from  Abbygirl, thanks!
I appreciate very much any comments , and thanks for looking !!

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