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Hi everyone. Melissa here with a 12x12 layout using Gina's Designs Lasercuts.This photo is taken in the ghost town of Bodie, California . Bodie produced more than $35 million in gold and silver.

 My Father-In-Law passed away on May 28th.  This is a tribute page about him that I made for my husband, Rich.  I am going to put it into a scrapbook frame for him to put in his study here at home.   Rich picked out the photo , it's his favorite one of the two of them.

Everything on the page is symbolic of Einar and his interests in life. There is hidden journaling written on canvas on a tag.  The images are from Swedish wrapping paper I've saved from Christmas gifts from him.

To prepare the chipboard, I painted them with gesso. On the compass I put on Viva Decor Precious Metal Color in bronze.  I painted a lot of the edges with black acrylic paint.  I applied Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, and sprinkled on a little clear glass glitter while it was wet.  The lobster is red glitter poured on wet glossy accents. The rest of the chipboard  was painted with lumieres, some were over texture paste, with the gloss on top. I used embossing powder on the hammer, and saw,then gloss. On the ships wheel I embossed with gold, then put on a bit of brown ink, followed by a coat of gloss.
Thanks for looking.

Chipboard used:

Other products used:

Papers by UHK gallery, Winter is Coming
Winton and Lewis Watercolors
Viva Decor Precious Metal Colour
Alphas, metal corner by Jim Holtz
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
Lumieres,acrylic paint by Jaquard

Here are close ups in the sun, and then in the shade.  I wanted to show the chipboard and the wrapping paper images in more detail than the above photo.

Going clockwise with a description of what the chipboard and other things stand for :

The cross,at the upper right, for Einar's love of God. He was very active in his church.

The lobster,  stands for crayfish . The Swedes celebrate midsummer with crayfish as part of the meal for the day.  Einar prepared this meal in his home in Northport, New York.

The wrapping paper stands for Einar's love of Christmas. The house would be decorated with lots of Swedish things. He would bake traditional cookies and rolls.  He and Stella, his wife , would make both traditional Swedish and English meals. Stella grew up in Devon, Cornwall.

I wrote in ink on the canvas tag, so that 100 years from now, if this page is still around, and it crumbles at the touch, the canvas will not.  It has a list of Einar's interests, and he had a lot!

Einar had a telephone from the 1920's in his study.  The coin is from Iceland, during a trip to there in 2002. We also went to Denmark, and Sweden , the five  of us :  Einar, Stella, Rich, Nick, and I.    The small hammer under the phone stands for Einar's woodworking . He made furniture,  a dollhouse, a humidor, lots of seasonal decorations, and smaller items he sold and gave as gifts .

 In 1990 the four of us, my son Nick wasnt born yet, took a trip from our home in Auburn , California, to Bodie,Mono Lake, and Yosemite. I think it took 3 or 4 hours to get there., although it says Bodie is 135 miles from Auburn. It was kind of a scary drive from Bodie to Yosemite,with lots of twisting highway and sheer drops at the side of the road..  Bodie is over 8000 ft in elevation ,so it was cool, even in June, when we went.
The small hammer under the phone stands for Einar's woodworking . He made furniture,  a dollhouse, a humidor, lots of seasonal decorations, and smaller items he sold and gave as gifts .
Einar had a big interest in cars, and always asked for a Rolls Royce for Christmas when my husband Rich would ask him what he wanted.
The saw under the photo is also for woodworking.  Under the car is part of a book image I cut in half and tucked in. Einar read constantly about many different subjects, fiction and non-fiction.
The ship's wheel is for the two sailboats he had over the years.
The delphinium and small daisy are from a bouquet at the visitation the day before his funeral.
There's a little of the Swedish flag in blue and yellow. And a wrench to stand for all the home repairs Einar did. He also put in an apartment connected to his home that included a kitchen ,bath, a fireplace, parquet floors, and built in bookcases at the side of the windows .
The compass is for Einar's love of travel.

I also took a set of close ups in the shade.  You can see a prong next to the wrench.  Einar loved to garden. He grew vegetables of all kinds, and lots of flowers.  He built a beautiful arbor in the front to grow red roses on.  Many years before that he put in a deck and a structure over it to grow grapevines on,in the back of the house.

The little door at the lower left says home on.  Einar dearly loved his family and home.  He loved nothing more than having his wife,his three beautiful children, their spouses, and eight grandchildren, around him at Christmas. He will be very missed.

This is hard to see so I did a x16 close up. It has a little boy yule tomte (they are  Scandinavian mythological creatures typically associated with the winter solistice, and Christmas ) holding a lantern so the older yul tomte can shoe the horse.

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