Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Hi everyone! Melissa here with a page for Paper House. I love the photorealism of these papers, the colors and details are amazing!

My son Nick didn't want to be goalie at this game,this is his "angry" expression. Nick played soccer for ten years, and my husband coached the team he was on. You could say the game was a big part of our lives!

Supplies Used:

To make this page I took a piece of  corrugated cardboard and tore the top layer off. I painted it with yellow and orange acrylic paint. I pressed on embossing ink around the edges with a pad, poured on clear embossing powder, and heated it. I dry brushed on layers of gold paint,turquoise Vintaj patina paint,metallic turquoise acrylic paint, linen distress embossing powder, micro beads,and mica flakes. I topped it off with white gesso, and rubbed on some pearl mica powder.

Underneath the photo is a piece of canvas with a fringe, to pick up on the look of  my son's hair.
I sprayed water on the edge of the canvas, then took a straight pin and pulled out the horizontal threads. After doing that to the four sides,I applied gesso, then black watercolor.

I used mod podge to adhere two extra sheets of old scrapbooking paper underneath the black cardstock, to keep the top layer very flat.

There are three die cuts around the page that I pressed into an embossing ink pad, then sprinkled gold embossing powder on, and heated. I did the same thing with copper powder but in smaller areas.

I applied gesso with a cosmetic sponger around the photo, applied mod podge, then sprinkled on linen colored embossing powder on top. I wanted it to look like dirt, and think I was successful! I added a few metal pieces and flowers to finish the page.

Thanks for looking at my page, and I hope you liked it!

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