Saturday, September 30, 2017

Woman in Blue Dress

Hi everyone! This is my entry for the September 2017 Lindy's Stamp Gang Challenge. The Lindy's Stamp Gang colors I've used include: Sea Mint Green and Glory of the Seas Gold from the Mermaid Seashells Magical Shimmers Powder Set,and Bachelor Button Blue and Mission Bells Brown from the Prairie Wildflower Magical Shimmer Powders Set,   Click this link for Lindy's Challenge Info 

To make this page I glued Blue Fern paper onto a piece of cardboard, in hopes that the paper wouldn't warp with the gesso and paint I planned on using. I coated the paper with mat medium,and sponged on some gesso with a cosmetic sponge across the center. I applied texture paste with a stencil and old credit card. 

The Crafters Workshop - 6 x 6 Doodling Templates - Mini Love to Fly

The chipboard is actually a small wood frame I got at Hobby Lobby. I broke it in half ,applied gesso, then layers of Lindy's. I mounted the photo on a piece of cardboard. I dyed cheesecloth with Mission Bells Brown, and glued some on the page.

I brushed on layers of paint on the paper, usually letting them dry,but sometimes adding different colors while wet. I dabbed off excess in different areas. I sponged on gesso to areas if I thought things were looking too busy.

To add more visual interest I used micro beads,seed beads,mica flakes, rub ons, bling, dried moss, a quote sticker, tiny pieces of lace, and pearls. 

I splattered on paint in areas, and also glued on tiny pieces of blue feathers.

I love the gold shimmer from the Lindy's!

I put metal glitter in the bottle and sealed the opening with glue. There's also some rhinestones in the stream of glitter pouring out of it. I dyed a piece of silk ribbon with Lindys and tied it onto a pin. 
Thank you so much for looking, and have a great week!

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  1. EXCELLENT! Best of luck winning the challenge!

  2. Spectacular Melissa I think you have outdone yourself!