Saturday, December 8, 2018

Just Believe

Hi everyone! Melissa here with a new design team post for Reneabouquets! I've used a Google free photo by A.M. Lorek.
 It's great to have such beautiful and high quality materials to work with.

To make this page I spread mat medium on the page with a credit card. I applied texture paste with a stencil, then put the layers under the photo together. I used corrugated cardboard, watercolor paper, and foam core board to make more dimension.I picked out chipboard, painted it, and applied a thick layer of Rock Candy Crackle.

To add visual interest I added microbeads, glass glitter, metal glitter, seed beads,glass beads, pearls, crystals, rhinestones,glass pebbles, pressed flowers, dried moss, pieces from flower picks, Prima flowers, metal from Reneabouquets and Vintaj,old jewelry,chain, cheesecloth,tiny pieces of lace,paints by Shimmerz,Finnabair, and Tattered Angels.

I love the B board star shapes.

Reneabouquets butterflies, or in this case a moth, are amazing.

I've made a lot of pages with Blue Fern's Tattered Walls Collection. 

In many places I painted the microbeads with watercolors, letting the color pool and dry to give them more definition.

There are small pieces of metallic gold lace all over the page.

Thank you so much for looking, and have a great week!  

Come and see all the beautiful things at Reneabouquets!

Here's a list of items I used:

Reneabouquets Copper Spoons Trinket Pack

Friday, November 30, 2018

Remember the Now

Hi everyone! Melissa here with a page for Shimmerz Paints!I really enjoyed using these colors, they are so bright and bold. The quality and texture of Shimmerz makes them a pleasure to work with, they are just fun and delightful. I've used a photo from Google free, from Stella De Libero. 

To make this page, I applied gesso, then texture paste with a stencil on paper by Prima's Lavender Frost. I painted the chipboard from Reneabouquets with Gold Glimmer Shimmerz,then applied a thick coat of Ranger Clear Rock Candy Crackle. I added more colors later. I made layers of corrugated cardboard and watercolor paper to go under the photo.

 To add visual interest I added micro beads, glass glitter, metal glitter,mica powders, seed beads, pearls,glass pebbles, rhinestones,old jewelry,sequins, dried flowers, lichen, moss, cheesecloth,and small pieces of tulle. The bright green stripe at the left of the photo is Key Lime Shimmerz. Once I added that I started adding bright colors all over. The colors were fairly muted before.

The orange at the upper left is alcohol ink. The blue to the right of that is also alcohol ink. I dripped the blue on in several places. 

 The blue on the right of the photo, on the watercolor paper, is Ultra Marine Shimmerz .The gold to the left of it is Christmas Cheer Shimmerz,and further to the left is Peacock's Plume Shimmerz. The purple by the little white Reneabouquet butterfly on top is Plum Crazy Inklingz. The metal tag is Tim Holtz.

The bright purple at the top right of the photo is alcohol ink. Above that is Penny 4 Your Thoughts Inklingz.

I added the colors I've mentioned all over.

There's a lot of different colors because I wanted to pick up the ones of the dress, and yet have a good balance of dark and light.I kept wanting to add black,because of how much of it there is on the dress. The gold bead cap is by Vintaj.

The flower is by Prima, the metal 3 leaf is by Vintaj.

I put a lot of I Love You Onyxly Inklingz around the edges of the colors. I added Penny 4 Your Thoughts on top of most of it, I thought the black was too much for the page. I added white gesso stripes, blobs, and dry brushed small amounts to break up the intensity of the colors. I dotted some Pink Caviar Shimmerz on to pick up the flowers in the dress.
Thank you so much for looking, and have a great week!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Choose Your Own Path

Hi everyone! Melissa here with a design team page for Shimmerz Paints! I love using these richly colored paints, they're amazing.I've used a photo from Google Free, by A.M. Lorek. I have done this for the November Color Team Challenge. I picked Olive U Truly Inklingz, a soft green color.  I added other paints to complement it.

To make this page I made layers of corrugated cardboard, watercolor paper, and small pieces of foam core board,and the photo. I sponged on gesso to the Lavender Frost background paper by Prima. This was so the paint wouldn't soak into the paper. I stenciled on texture paste,glued on mesh type pieces on the top and bottom, then put on the layers with the photo.
I started adding chipboard by Reneabouquets, the frame pieces were painted with Olive U Truly. I added Clear Rock Candy.

To add more visual interest I added micro beads. seed  beads, rhinestones, Swarovski crystals,lichen, feathers, pressed flowers, shells, resin pieces from Prima and some I'd made,pearls, charms, metal glitter, distress glitter, and metal from Tim Holtz. The white butterfly at the top is from Reneabouquets.

For the purple I used Imperial Amethyst Inklingz. Almost all the brown is Penny 4 Your Thoughts Inklingz.The gold is mica powder. I also rubbed on silver mica on the background.

I used a few small pieces of lace, cheesecloth, and tulle.

The moon face is from Stamperia.

The white flower at the bottom middle is from Prima. The gold bead cap is from Vintaj.

Thank you so much for looking, and have a great week! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Live By Your Own Rules

Hi everyone! Melissa here with a design team post for Reneabouquets! I have used a Google free photo by A.M. Lorek. I was pretty happy that almost all of my supplies from Reneabouquets were just what I needed. I sponged some gesso on Prima's Lavender Frost, then applied texture paste with a stencil and a credit card. I prepped the Beautiful Board(B Board)with gesso, then painted it with Shimmerz. I applied a thick coat of Ranger Clear Rock Candy Crackle. I mounted the photo with some layers: using double sided tape I put cardstock behind the photo. I find that this helps the photo lie flat. When I get the images from CVS, they are curled. Even lying in tons of books, I couldn't flatten them.  I put a single layer of foam core board on, then watercolor paper, 2 layers of foam, then corrugated cardboard I'd ripped some of the surface off of. There's one more layer of foam between it and the background paper.

I started applying all the embellishments. To add visual interest, I added:microbeads, glass glitter, metal glitter,distress glitter, seed beads, pearls, crystals, rhinestones, pressed flowers, dried moss,pieces from floral picks, a Prima flower,shells, metal from Reneabouquets, Tim Holtz, and Vintaj. You can also see tulle, cheesecloth,sequins, chain, and a little stamping too.

As I added items, I whited areas out with gesso to keep things balanced. I added more color to the B Board with Prima Finnabair Art Alchemy paints,alcohol inks, and rubbed on mica powder all over the page.

I did a lot of dry brushing, where you put a small amount of paint on the brush, and apply it gently over the surface.

I used a lot of diamond chunky glitter glass, I sprinkled it on any of the pale pink Shimmerz Paint when it was wet.

I drew out the beads from the woman's headdress with seed beads. I think copper and purple look great together. 

I painted some of the flower with gesso, and sprinkled microbeads, seed beads, and glitter on.

I love the brass key from Reneabouquets, I've used them in a number of pages. There are little holes on it that you can put pearls or rhinestones on.

I like to use metal, it gives a page depth and strength.

I guess you can tell I love adding detail!
Thank you so much for looking, and have a great week!

List of products used:

Come and see all the beautiful things at Reneabouquets:

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Fairy Lantern

Hi everyone! Melissa here with a Beautiful Board Explosion Ornament from Reneabouquets!  I love all the intricate cuts on this piece, they are just so beautiful. I'm going to hang this on my Christmas tree, and til then I'll have it on display in my kitchen.

To make this ornament I prepped all sides with gesso. To put it together I put the ballerina on with the stand that's provided. I took the bottom piece by the handles,and lifted it up as far as it would go. It fits around the piece with the ballerina on it, a little like putting a leg warmer on.   Beautiful Board Ballerina Explosion Ornament, Box,Gift Holder  If you go to that link, you can see more directions and photos.

I put the butterflies on first, and worked around them. To add visual interest I added microbeads, seed beads, crystals, glass beads,pearls, metal glitter, glass glitter,distress glitter,sequins, moss, lichen,pressed flowers, paper flowers,tulle, cheesecloth, silk ribbon.I used Glossy Accents to attach everything. I fussy cut pieces from Graphic 45 Fairy Frost.I used pale colors of Shimmerz Paints, mica powder,and Art Alchemy paints. 

I left the other two sides of the box plain, with just a coat of pale pink paint.

Here's a close up where you can see the B Board in more detail. 

This is the opposite side.

Here are the items from Reneabouquets that I used:

Thank you so much for looking,and have a great week!

You can find Reneabouquets here...


Reneabouquets Etsy Shop

Reneabouquets Blog

Reneabouquets Facebook Page

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever You Go

Hi everyone! Melissa here with a design team page for Shimmerz Paints! I love the intensity,texture, and gleam of these paints! They are such a pleasure to work with. The photo is from Sofi Kaveller, I used it with her permission.

To make this page I sponged gesso on Blue Fern Paper. I applied texture paste with a stencil and a credit card. I ripped some of the top layer off corrugated cardboard, painted it with gesso, and poured on some Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel. I assembled the layers and placed them on the page. The photo is backed with cardstock and double sided tape,so it would lie flat. I used watercolor paper for a mat, put it on the cardboard,with foam core board in between all layers.

I prepped the Reneabouquets chipboard with gesso, and painted it with Christmas Cheer Shimmerz,followed by a thick layer of Ranger Clear Rock Candy.The Christmas Cheer is one of my favorite colors,it's so shiny,bright, and has a lot of blingy texture. I painted the edges with black gesso. I put it on the page, and started adding everything else. I added pieces of Alchemy paper by Stamperia around the cardboard.

To add visual interest I added micro beads, seed beads,glass beads,plastic crystals, pearls, rhinestones, Vintaj brass jewelry, Tim Holtz metal,metal chain and jump rings, a Prima metal key, dried pressed flowers,bark, lichen, moss, mica powder, mica flakes, metal glitter, Swarovski crystals,charms, glass marbles, shells,cheesecloth, and tulle. I used ribbon,and pieces from fall and winter picks from Hobby Lobby. The butterfly is from Reneabouquets.

I added more color on top of the chipboard, I brushed on a little Pugnacious Purple,Blue My Mind, and Olive U Truly  Inklingz.

I randomly dabbed on gold mica powder all over the page,on raised edges.

Things were looking pretty grey until I started adding the purple, and then the Key Lime Shimmerz kind of made things pop.

This next batch of pictures are from my cell phone camera. I think I can get better detail with it than my regular one. 

I added a lot of layers of paint on the cardboard. While paint was wet I poured on diamond glass glitter,in various areas all around the page.  At the top left corner of the photo you can see a stick pin with a Swarovski butterfly on it. Underneath the stickpin, and the chipboard, there are layers of Pugnacious Purple and Angel's Kiss Inklingz

When I do a page, I never know if it's going to really work. Sometimes I just have to keep adding and taking away things, and layers of paint. I do my pages over a period of days.

The little hummingbird is from a calendar. You can see the silver mica powder I dabbed and rubbed  all over the page.This was to offset the white matte look of the gesso.

 The yellow behind the chipboard is from pressed flowers.

Adding small pieces of tulle was one of the last steps. At the end I added a lot of tiny dried flowers around the photo. 

The green stripe there is Key Lime Shimmerz. I was drawing out the colors from the photo.

The title sticker is from Tim Holtz. The brown at the bottom left of the layers,and on the right side of  mat, is Penny 4 Your Thoughts Inklingz. I put in some stripes of Vibez Rolling in the Hay, to continue the colors of the dress. Next to them were stripes of Key Lime Shimmerz. There are stripes of Key Lime to the left of the photo.

The flower is from Prima. You can see gold mica powder on the Observations tag, also paint.

On the very edge of the cardboard there's a thin line of Vibez Grape Escape. Thank you so much for looking, and have a great week!