Thursday, January 18, 2018

Travel Far and Wide

Hi everyone, Melissa here with a DT page for Shimmerz. Here's a link to the store,Shimmerz, you'll get a freebie if you mention my name when you place an order! These paints are a joy to work with, the quality is amazing!


To make this page I sprayed a 12 x 12 piece of watercolor paper with water. Working from left to right I painted on A Rose by Any Other Name,Celery Shimmerz, and Oakie Bear Blue. I misted more water on the paper when if it got too dry and continued adding colors.I dried it all with a heat gun, and then penciled in lines to carry out the green and brown of the photo onto the page.I painted on stripes of Greener Pastures, and Penny 4 Your Thoughts, and blended all the edges in with water on a brush.  I stenciled on Texturez Gold Mine with a bubble stencil. 
 I dabbed white gesso on the chipboard with a cosmetic sponge, then painted it with Greener Pastures, and while wet dropped in brushfuls of Celery Shimmerz. I dried it, then brushed all around the edges with Mochachino.I coated it with a thick layer of Clear Rock Candy Crackle, and when dry dabbed on Plum Crazy,Penny 4 Your Thoughts and Celery Green Shimmerz I put the photo on the page with two layers of foam core board to give it dimension.

I added more colors around the page, after each one I would dry it with a heat gun.

I painted each raised bubble with crackle, then circled Mochachino around them to accentute the crackle.To add visual interest I added glass glitter, glitter, pearls, lace, gauze dyed with Greener Pastures, seed beads, micro beads, tulle, flowers, Swarovski crystals, white silk ribbon dyed with Plum Crazy and Imperial Amethyst, rub ons, wire,dried flowers, and stickers.

I added more Celery Shimmers,Dear John Letter, and Plum Crazy to the left side of the page, dabbing them on with a small brush. At the end of making this, I wanted to take off some color to create negative space and balance, because the page was looking as if it had too much stuff on it.I dabbed on water with a brush, let it sit for two seconds, then blotted off the color with a paper towel.
Thank you so much for looking,and have a great day! I hope you find the time to create something!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Woman With Flowers

Hi everyone, Melissa here with my first design team post for Shimmerz!
 Here's a link to the store,  Shimmerz   . If you place an order be sure to mention my name for a freebie with your order!
I found these paints to be terrific to work with, they are a high quality product with richly colored pigments.
 When you activate the Inklingz by spritzing them with water, the result is a nice, creamy, shimmery paint. 

To make this page I sprayed a piece of 12 x 12 watercolor paper with water. I had activated the inklingz with water, and with a brush I quickly applied Plum Crazy in about five thin vertical stripes. I sprayed more water on to soften the edges, and let the color run all over the page. I brushed it around with a soft one inch brush, to even most of it out.
 The photo is mounted on watercolor paper, I painted that too. I brushed on Plum Crazy, Rose By Any Other Name,Honeymoon, and Dear John Letter. I didn't let the colors dry in between.
 I topped off the left side with Penny 4 Your Thoughts. I bushed on Green Olive Shimmerz around the edges. The Shimmerz are amazing, richly colored, premixed and ready to go.
I stenciled on some Tidy Widy,a textural, shimmering, dimensional paste, on the left and right of the page. I used a stencil that had little circles.

I treated the chipboard with Tidy Widy, then layers of  Inklingz in different colors,most of what shows is Plum Crazy and Celery Shimmerz. I added some micro beads in between the layers.
 To make the white areas on the page, I brushed on water and blotted it off the with a paper towel. I did this to help balance the page, and stop it from looking too busy.

I brushed on more colors on different areas, I softened the edges with a small brush and water, and let the area dry. The green is Greener Pastures, inside the circle of chipboard to the left of the photo. At the top of the page is a horizontal strip of Honeymoon. I dry brushed Celery Shimmerz on areas of the gauze,dry brushing is when you just put a little on the brush,and apply it lightly.

To add visual interest I added a number of different things: micro beads, dried flowers, metal, chipboard, gauze,paper flowers, bling, lace,shells, dried moss, lichen, feathers,wire, silk ribbon,Swarovski crystals,distress glitter, glass glitter,tulle, and pearls.

I painted the edges of the chipboard with I Love You Onyxly.
 I painted the butterfly chipboard and metal pieces with Greener Pastures and Penny 4 Your Thoughts. 
 I dyed the gauze with Plum Crazy, and the small pieces of silk ribbon with Greener Pastures.  

The dried flowers, lichen, and a few tiny feathers are from my yard. The birds leave the feathers in the bird bath when they use it. There's only three on the page, they're hard to spot.

I like the nice edges the areas of paint make when they dry.

Thanks for looking, and have a great week. I hope you find time to play with these wonderful paints!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Dreamer of Dreams

Hi everyone! Melissa here with a new design team page for the NEW JANUARY MOODBOARD 2018 CHALLENGE - COZY & WINTER    at the Mixed Media Warriors Challenge Blog.  

I was inspired by the gorgeous winter wood theme.

To make this page I used Blue Fern paper,Splendor, from the Seaside Cottage collection. I sponged gesso across the center, and applied texture paste using a Prima stencil and a credit card. Under the photo is corrugated cardboard that I'd ripped the top layer off. I painted on gesso, then Finnabair's Platinum crackle texture paste. The blue is Tattered Angels Blue Rasberry mist, Lindy's Stamp Gang (LSG)in Tibetan Poppy Teal, and Finnabair's Art Alchemy Blue Pond. I put a little glossy accent glue on and sprinkled Ultra Thick Embossing powder(UTEE) on top. The gold is Finnabair's Art Alchemy Steampunk Copper.I squeezed on Crackle Accent in different areas, then sponged on more gesso. I painted the edges of the cardboard with black gesso and water.

 I glued on dyed gauze and put the cardboard and photo on top. At the top of the photo is a Finnabair butterfly that I painted with LSG teal, crackle accent,black gesso, and UTEE. To the right of the photo is a Finnabair metal snowflake.

 At areas in the upper right and lower left of the page I painted on embossing medium,and sprinkled on UTEE. I melted it with a heat tool for an icy look. It's hard to see because a lot got covered by gesso later.

 Above the 7 Dots title sticker is a Finnabair metal element on top of a Vintaj medallion. 

The white powder is embossing powder that I glued on, I spread glossy accents on and poured the powder on top. 

I put clear crackle accent by Ranger on top of each bit of texture paste after I'd painted them with steampunk copper. To add more visual interest to the page I added dried moss, star sequins, star confetti, pearls, blue Swarovski crystals, metal charms,metal glitter,black tulle, tiny white lace flowers, Finnabairs clear mica flakes, gold mica flakes,gold mica powder, and microbeads.  There are some tiny white snowflake rub ons from Tim Holtz. I also used a die cut as a stencil and put on some tiny white stars with Platinum Crackle. During the whole process of making the page, and after, I sponged on white gesso to try and keep a balance of elements, so it didn't get too busy looking. I used white watercolor and also painted white gesso in the textured areas.  I rubbed on silver mica powder on many areas to soften the mat look of the white gesso.

The chipboard is from Dusty Attic,purchased from Scrapbook Diaries. I painted it with gesso, and coated it with a layer of Ranger Crackle Accent. It dries pretty rapidly, and after it had, I took an Inktense ink pencil in Bark color and ran it around the edges. The crackles took up the dark color, an unexpected but nice result. I added a little of the LSG teal on top,followed by Steampunk Copper.

Thank you so much for looking, and have a great week!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

New Year's Eve

Hi everyone! Here's a new inspiration page for the Mixed Media Warriors Challenge Blog. This is also my entry for the December 2017 More Than Words Main Challenge, Family & Numbers.

The word FAMILY inspired me to create a page about my son and his fiance. Both families are very joyful about these two getting married! For the CREATIVE challenge, I used number stickers, the 2 for the two of them together, and the '18 for the year they're getting married!

To make this page I used watercolor paper and misted it with Tattered Angels, watercolors, and Lindy's Stamp Gang.I applied texture paste with a Prima stencil. I spread Prima clear crackle on in a few large areas, and let it dry overnight. I used chipboard from my stash, and built up layers with metal items. Underneath everything is dyed gauze. I painted the chipboard with Prima Steampunk Copper, and other Prima metallic colors. I rubbed on layers of mica powders, Crackle Accent by Ranger,and Alcohol Inks. I kept adding layers till I was happy with the colors.  This started off blue purple but it didn't go well with Aron's navy dress, so I covered as much purple as I could with blue.

I used a metal butterfly by Finnabair, a tiny heart and vintage bellow charm by Vintaj, and lots of other metal. I also used a Prima stamp, seed beads, mico beads, mica flakes,metal glitter,rhinestones, pearls, and some big Swarovski crystals.

The flower is by Prima. You can see some broken jewelry to the left of the flower. 

You can see splashes of blue and yellow alcohol paint, to pick up colors from Nick's tie, and I added some red accents from Aron's make up and nails. I wound up covering a lot of the page with gesso, it was getting too "busy" looking. I also want to say that this page was inspired by Juliya Tirskaya's work.

Thank you so much for looking, and have a great week!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

December Challenge, the Joy of Color

Hi everyone! Melissa here with a page for the December Challenge, The Joy of Color, at Bad Girl's Couture. This is from an amateur engagement photo shoot for my son and his fiance.  It was so windy that day that the professional one was cancelled.  

I was inspired by the title, The Joy of Color, and the paintings over the table. The chairs are also very colorful!

I was inspired by the title, The Joy of Color, and the paintings over the table. The chairs are also very colorful!

To make this page I made layers with Amy Tangerine paper and put them on corrugated cardboard. To  make that cardboard layer I ripped off most of the top of it, painted with gesso followed by metallic acrylic paints.Underneath everything is cheesecloth dyed with watercolors. 

 You can Subscribe HERE.... .Bad Girls Couture has released our new December Scrapbook kit “42nd St. Soda Shoppe”. Soooo FUN, BRIGHT, COLOURFUL”...the perfect fix for your creative soul. The Limited Edition Vintage Archie Comic Book mini album is truly a one of a kind treasure! As of now...ONLY ONE kit left... 

I made the flowers with a spellbinders die and plain white cardstock.  I colored each layer with inks and watercolors. I glued the layers together, then put the stamens in. I painted the stamens with gold metallic paint. 

I used Blue Moon glass pearls and peridot Bohemian Crystals from a previous kit. I added metal glitter, seed beads, sequins, micro beads,feathers, a charm and chain, and tulle. I spread some glue on and sprinkled gold embossing powder under the blue flowers. I love the way the gold sparkly Thickers from the kit look!


Thank you so much for looking, and have a great week!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Archie Comics Mini Album

Hi everyone, Melissa here with a mini album for Bad Girls Couture!

 You can Subscribe HERE.... .Bad Girls Couture has released our new December Scrapbook kit “42nd St. Soda Shoppe”. Soooo FUN, BRIGHT, COLOURFUL”...the perfect fix for your creative soul. The Limited Edition Vintage Archie Comic Book mini album is truly a one of a kind treasure! As of now...ONLY ONE kit left... 

This adorable mini album is part of the December kit,it is filled with lots of bright cheery colors and patterns! What better fit for a comic book theme. To decorate the front I sponged on a little gesso, then glued on some cheesecloth. I added the glittery Thickers, and drew around them with a watercolor pencil. I softened the pencil lines with water on a paintbrush. I wanted the gold glitter and bold colors to really pop.

I made some flowers with plain cardstock and a flower die,the glitter on them is in the kit.The grey pearls are from last month's collection.

I fussy cut pieces from the kit's Prima paper, and also used the clips included.  I'm going to use this in my kitchen to keep notes and receipts in, so the clips will be useful. 

I added embossing powder by glueing it on, I heat set it a little. The Bohemian Crystal green bling is from last month's kit. You can also see micro beads, and sequins. 

Thank you so much for looking, and have a great week! I hope you enjoy having your own Archie Comic theme mini around if you get this month's collection!

Happily Ever After

Hi everyone! Melissa here with a design team page for Bad Girl's Couture. This is a photo from when my son Nick and his fiance Aron were first engaged. There was supposed to be a professional photo shoot happening, but down by the water in Galveston, winds were gusting up to 60 mph. Not very good for hair and make-up so carefully done by professionals hired for the occasion. Aron decided to postpone the shoot, but she had her dad take photos anyway with her camera. My hubby Rich and I were invited to the beachfront hotel also, and of course I took as many photos as I could. Imagine all the emotions here with both families so thrilled about the kids finding someone wonderful, and settling down! There are just no words for that.

You can Subscribe HERE.... .Bad Girls Couture has released our new December Scrapbook kit “42nd St. Soda Shoppe”. Soooo FUN, BRIGHT, COLOURFUL”...the perfect fix for your creative soul. The Limited Edition Vintage Archie Comic Book mini album is truly a one of a kind treasure! As of now...ONLY ONE kit left... 

To make this page I took some 7 Gypsies paper and glued on some cheesecloth. I layered the cheerful Prima papers and put the photo on top. I used a couple layers of foam core board to add dimension. I surrounded the layers with lots of flowers I made. I used plain cardstock, water colors, and a flower die to make them.  I got the stamens in the cake decorating section at a local store.  I cut the flowers, and dunked them all in the watercolor, spread them on a craft sheet, and dried them using both a heat gun and just air drying.I glued the layers together, curled them with tiny round tipped jewelry pliers. and glued in the stamens.

I added a big felt flower, Thickers, Bohemian Crystals,fussy cut flowers, grey pearls, metal glitter, micro beads and a ribbon. 

The blue on the ribbon is one of my favorite colors, and I dyed the paper for the flowers to match it.

The butterflies were fussy cut from a Hambly acetate overlay. It's no coincidence that all the colors in the kit coordinate.

Thank you so much for looking, and have a great Bad Girl day!