Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happy Halloween

Hi Melissa here, with a Halloween page.

    It might be hard to see, but I poured gold glass glitter on the page to look as if it was coming from a little glass bottle.

I made the flowers by cutting circles from a roll of white organza ribbon.  I dyed the pieces with Lindy's, then held them near a flame to make them poof up, and to seal the edges.  I put two stitches in seven layers, rather than bother with glueing.  I put several types of things on the flowers to make some more color. I started with Inka Gold on top of gesso,but it just got absorbed too much. I put on green glitter glass, then more Inka Gold.  

Sometimes it takes me awhile to get the effect I want for the background.   I wind up covering areas with gesso if things get to looking too busy.  

I like the way pages look in the sun, but it does put a lot of shadows in there.

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