Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tea Time

Hi everyone! Melissa here with a vintage page for Tresors de Luxe. I am amazed by the richness of this lace, and the beauty of the big pink fabric flower.

The gold layer is handmade paper. I painted it with a mica powder and water mix.

I applied texture paste with a stencil.

I painted using different shades of green watercolors mixed with brown, and I included putting some on the crackle.

I put white mica powder and water on some of the raised areas of the stencil,and the powder alone on a lot of the whole page.

You can see how the white covers a lot of the color I put on. I was trying to keep the page balanced,by having some negative space.

There is some stamping and rub ons on the page, but they got gesso on too.  I wanted a very soft look, that wasn't too busy.

I don't think this photo catches how full and beautiful this pink flower is.

I've completely finished using the beaded appliques here from my dt package, which shows how much I appreciate them. The pearls are so elegant.

Thank you for looking, and I hoped you liked this page!

Tresors de Luxe products used:

White Beaded Applique

Ivory Lace Trim

The sun came out today, so I took some more photos:

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