Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fairy on Mini Chest of Drawers

Hi everyone!Melissa here with an altered dresser for Tresors de Luxe.  I bought this 11" x 8 " unfinished plain wood chest a few months ago, and finally decided it was time to jazz it up. 

I took the hardware off, and covered the front of the drawers,top, sides, and back with canvas, using gloss gel to adhere it. If you use gel, don't cover the places where you want to put the handles through. The gel is hard to pierce when dry.

  I really like canvas, the way it feels, and how natural it looks. I thought about leaving it plain but wound up painting it first with gesso, then oil paint.   

I put the hardware back on, and painted that too. I embellished the top with beautiful gold lace. It is luxurious, shiny, and has a nice substantial feel to it. I think it's kind of a bold graphic, that can both complement and highlight many types of projects.

I put on a purple flower I made from ribbon, then chains, and bling.  I also put on small amounts of crackle paint, glass glitter,micro beads,dried moss,and seed beads. 

I smoothed on  gold mica powder with my finger over most of the edges, and on the handles.

Using tracing paper I penciled an outline of the fairy from an illustration I have. I put a piece of carbon paper between it and some watercolor paper. I took a pencil and went over the outline I'd traced.  I filled in the details, then painted with watercolors.

I've been storing some dies, and dried flowers from my yard in the drawers, and they'll probably go back in where they were.

I think this will look nice in my scrap room, on a plain white painted wood bookshelf unit that my husband made, a long time ago.

Thanks for looking, and I hope you liked it!

Sad to say, my term has ended at Tresors.  It's been wonderful, and I will sure miss being here.
This is my last post.

Tresors de Luxe lace used,

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My Wedding Day

Hi everyone! Melissa here with a page for Tresors de Luxe. The delicacy and detail of the lace is amazing, and the rhinestone mask adds a lot of sparkle.

I put gesso on the page with a credit card, and a cosmetic sponge, so the watercolors wouldn't soak through the paper. Then I poured some gesso straight out of the jar on either side of the page, and drew the handle of a paintbrush through it, to resemble feathers.  I took a straight pin to put in more details, using a real feather as a reference.  

You can see the feathery look better here.
I applied texture paste with a few stencils.
 I mixed up different watercolors and patted some on at the top of the page with a one inch wide brush, then moved the page around and let the colors run all over. I used a heat gun to dry the paint between different colors.
 I embossed the page in silver embossing powder using a variety of stamps.
 The page was embellished with the mask and lace, among other things. The little blue flowers were made using a die, and all the small pearls above the mask and on the rest of the page are left over from a Tresors de Luxe applique that I used on an previous layout.
The rhinestone mask also looks like a butterfly to me, so I put some feelers on it. 

I put a lot of pewter and gold mica powder on the page.

 I used little pieces from some beautiful ivory lace.

Thanks for looking, and I hope you liked it!  Go on over to Tresors de Luxe and get yourself some beautiful things to add to your pages and projects. The variety is amazing, and so is the quality.

Tresors de Luxe Products Used:


Rhinestone Mask Charm ~ Jewelry Findings for Cell Phone and Tablet Case Decorations, Charm Bracelets, Crafting Charms, etc CH-037

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Purple and Green Vintage Page

Hi everyone! Melissa here with a page for Tresors de Luxe.  I love the rich and substantial feel of the gold lace I've used here. It is delightful to work with! 

The diamond key is gorgeous, and fits right in with the vintage theme.

I was inspired by soft vintage feel of the mood board.

I started by putting gesso on the page. I layered papers for under the photo.  I splattered gold and light purple paint on, then stamped in different places. I put texture paste on with a few stencils, then poured on some crackle.I put the photo on with the layers,using some foam core board at the bottom and in another layer closer to the pic.

 I wound up covering most of the paint and stamping  with more gesso, I needed to get some negative space.

I painted on different colors,embellished, and used a lot of mica powder all over.

I like a lot of detail, can you tell? 

Here you can see the beautiful Tresors lace.

And here's that fantastic and brilliant key.

Thank you for looking, and I hope you liked this page!

Tresors de Luxe Products Used:

Rhinestone Silver Key Charm ~ Jewelry Findings for Cell Phone and Tablet Case Decorations, Charm Bracelets, Crafting Charms, etc CH-030

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Just the Two of Us

Hi everyone, this is a page about two of my favorite people, my son and his girlfriend.

I started by layering paper for the piece under the photo. I put on gesso in the center with a brush, and then stencilled on some texture paste. I splattered on brown watercolor,and then some crackle accent. I did some stamping around the edges. I put the center layers and photo on. The gold lace flower from the wonderful Tresors de Luxe company, at the upper right of the photo was one of the first embellishments I put on. Another one is the gold and diamond heart. 

 I painted a pink, and then a green circle around the layers. Originally this was going to be very plain, but things changed.  I put brownish green watercolor over the pink and green.  The page got too busy,which happens a lot to me.  I sponged gesso on to soften edges and blur a lot of the stamping,paint, and anything else that was distracting. 

I brushed on silver mica powder all over the page.
I put some flowers on, then pearls, metal,bling,and some feathers.

Can you tell that embellishing pages is one of my favorite things?

The last thing I added was a piece of gold embroidery floss.

Earlier I'de added glitter,microbeads, seed beads, and glitter glue around the edges of the page.

 Here you can see more of the detail in the headdress.

Thank you so much for looking!