Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fairy on Mini Chest of Drawers

Hi everyone!Melissa here with an altered dresser for Tresors de Luxe.  I bought this 11" x 8 " unfinished plain wood chest a few months ago, and finally decided it was time to jazz it up. 

I took the hardware off, and covered the front of the drawers,top, sides, and back with canvas, using gloss gel to adhere it. If you use gel, don't cover the places where you want to put the handles through. The gel is hard to pierce when dry.

  I really like canvas, the way it feels, and how natural it looks. I thought about leaving it plain but wound up painting it first with gesso, then oil paint.   

I put the hardware back on, and painted that too. I embellished the top with beautiful gold lace. It is luxurious, shiny, and has a nice substantial feel to it. I think it's kind of a bold graphic, that can both complement and highlight many types of projects.

I put on a purple flower I made from ribbon, then chains, and bling.  I also put on small amounts of crackle paint, glass glitter,micro beads,dried moss,and seed beads. 

I smoothed on  gold mica powder with my finger over most of the edges, and on the handles.

Using tracing paper I penciled an outline of the fairy from an illustration I have. I put a piece of carbon paper between it and some watercolor paper. I took a pencil and went over the outline I'd traced.  I filled in the details, then painted with watercolors.

I've been storing some dies, and dried flowers from my yard in the drawers, and they'll probably go back in where they were.

I think this will look nice in my scrap room, on a plain white painted wood bookshelf unit that my husband made, a long time ago.

Thanks for looking, and I hope you liked it!

Sad to say, my term has ended at Tresors.  It's been wonderful, and I will sure miss being here.
This is my last post.

Tresors de Luxe lace used,

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