Monday, January 15, 2018

Woman With Flowers

Hi everyone, Melissa here with my first design team post for Shimmerz!
 Here's a link to the store,  Shimmerz   . If you place an order be sure to mention my name for a freebie with your order!
I found these paints to be terrific to work with, they are a high quality product with richly colored pigments.
 When you activate the Inklingz by spritzing them with water, the result is a nice, creamy, shimmery paint. 

To make this page I sprayed a piece of 12 x 12 watercolor paper with water. I had activated the inklingz with water, and with a brush I quickly applied Plum Crazy in about five thin vertical stripes. I sprayed more water on to soften the edges, and let the color run all over the page. I brushed it around with a soft one inch brush, to even most of it out.
 The photo is mounted on watercolor paper, I painted that too. I brushed on Plum Crazy, Rose By Any Other Name,Honeymoon, and Dear John Letter. I didn't let the colors dry in between.
 I topped off the left side with Penny 4 Your Thoughts. I bushed on Green Olive Shimmerz around the edges. The Shimmerz are amazing, richly colored, premixed and ready to go.
I stenciled on some Tidy Widy,a textural, shimmering, dimensional paste, on the left and right of the page. I used a stencil that had little circles.

I treated the chipboard with Tidy Widy, then layers of  Inklingz in different colors,most of what shows is Plum Crazy and Celery Shimmerz. I added some micro beads in between the layers.
 To make the white areas on the page, I brushed on water and blotted it off the with a paper towel. I did this to help balance the page, and stop it from looking too busy.

I brushed on more colors on different areas, I softened the edges with a small brush and water, and let the area dry. The green is Greener Pastures, inside the circle of chipboard to the left of the photo. At the top of the page is a horizontal strip of Honeymoon. I dry brushed Celery Shimmerz on areas of the gauze,dry brushing is when you just put a little on the brush,and apply it lightly.

To add visual interest I added a number of different things: micro beads, dried flowers, metal, chipboard, gauze,paper flowers, bling, lace,shells, dried moss, lichen, feathers,wire, silk ribbon,Swarovski crystals,distress glitter, glass glitter,tulle, and pearls.

I painted the edges of the chipboard with I Love You Onyxly.
 I painted the butterfly chipboard and metal pieces with Greener Pastures and Penny 4 Your Thoughts. 
 I dyed the gauze with Plum Crazy, and the small pieces of silk ribbon with Greener Pastures.  

The dried flowers, lichen, and a few tiny feathers are from my yard. The birds leave the feathers in the bird bath when they use it. There's only three on the page, they're hard to spot.

I like the nice edges the areas of paint make when they dry.

Thanks for looking, and have a great week. I hope you find time to play with these wonderful paints!


  1. You always work so wonderfully with all sorts of micas, paints, etc. This layout came out really gorgeous! The purple is stunning! So is the photo! Love how you embellished!