Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Birthday

This is my husband and son in my kitchen, a long time ago. 

I did this for the Challenge at Scraps of Darkness and Scraps of Elegance using their inspiration board. 

Here are items I used from my scrappy friends at sb.com: 

Abbygirl-the big blue velvet flower, and the the beige flower 
Cindy JK-the oval blue mirror piece underneath the blue flower 
Eapipkin-the blue lace on the left side 
48SixTime-the blue beads on the wire at the bottom right hand corner of the picture. 
Lynne J-the canvas flower under the blue flower 
My sis-the blue and gold glass swirl under the blue flower 
Quick Silver-the small silver key under the blue flower 
SheilaMarie-the green foliage under the beige rose. 

Thank you ladies! 

The chipboard is from Gina's Designs. I used a steampunk heart as a stencil at the upper right. On the left I used a different piece with gears.

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